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Oklahoma Society of Accountants

The Oklahoma Society of Accountants was founded in 1944 to provide support and services to independent accounting and tax practitioners in the State of Oklahoma. Dedicated to the concept of Right to Practice and to the promotion of professionalism in their field , OSA membership consists of CPAs, Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents and private accounting and tax practitioners.


Our mission is to serve OSA members, and thereby the public, by providing members with information, resources and representation. We fulfill this mission through the following goals:

1. To establish and maintain high ethical behavior and standards in the accounting profession.

2. Provide education. Identify the professional needs of our members and serve those needs by providing materials and professional programs that will help improve the quality of services provided by all Oklahoma practicing accountants.

3. Provide a forum for greater public knowledge and understanding of the accounting profession, practice and methods.

4. To advocate for the right of all accountants to practice their profession. Most of our members are small, independent practitioners who do not work for large firms. These accounting and tax professionals provide quality services to their clients. A top priority is to protect the right of these and future independent accountants to practice.

5. To encourage and support future members of the accounting profession.

6. We promote cordial relations among accountants and foster the exchange of information and networking among professionals in our field.


The Oklahoma Society of Public Accountants was formed on December 26th, 1944. The formation of OSPA preceded the formation of its national affiliate, the National Society of Public Accountants. Members of the Oklahoma Society were instrumental in the formation of their national organization.

The National Society of Public Accountants was formed on December 11, 1945 under the laws of Delaware. The Society's first Executive Secretary was Oklahoma's George LaCoste who had been one of the founders of the state organization and served as its' first president from 1944-1947. Mr. LaCoste operated the National Society's headquarters out of his office in the Majestic Building in downtown Oklahoma City for several years before the headquarters was moved to Washington, D.C.

The Oklahoma Society of Public Accountants, in keeping with its national affiliate, adopted a dba in 1996 of "The Oklahoma Society of Accountants." The reason for this change was to better reflect the membership makeup. OSA is an open society comprised of Public Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents and unlicensed accounting and tax practitioners thus serving the entire accounting and tax profession.


The Oklahoma Society of Accountants is organized into five (5) "area" Districts. Each District has at least one (1) Chapter which meets periodically as group for fellowship, CPE and to conduct business. To divide the state into Districts, one needs only to look at a map and divide the state into four quarters using Interstates 40 and 35 to mark the boundaries. Except for the Oklahoma City District which is cut out of the center of the state, one can easily see four of the five Districts. The Oklahoma City District does not follow these Interstate lines but rather encompasses the east-west area from Shawnee on the east to El Reno on the west and the north-south area from Guthrie on the north to Norman on the south.